Gedee Weiler


The innovative cost effective Flex Turn CNC Lathe Machine can be effortlessly adapted to meet customer requirement.
FLEX TURN CNC MACHINE can be fitted with linear tooling arrangement or eight station turret coupled with independent live tool. GEDEE WEILER is the only machine tool manufacturer in India offering such flexible CNC Lathe.
FLEX TURN CNC CHUCKER provides a combination of turning/ milling operations to reduce the manufacturing cost per component.

Learn turn

LEAN TURN CNC CHUCKER MACHINE is compact in size and highly suitable for small/medium parts where volume is high. High speed machining combined with high precision and productivity offers cost effective machining solutions.
Depending upon the number of operations involved and the size of the component, the number of tools that can be used will differ. Up to7-tools can be used for parts having a diameter of less than 20mm.
LEARN TURN CNC MACHINE can be attached with bar feeder for continues production. Thus positioning CNC Lean Turn Machine in the field of CNC Automation. The machined finished parts automatically fall in the part’s collector mounted inside the machine.

Uni turn

UNI TURN CNC Chucker a perfect CNC Lathe mahine belongs to the family of UNITURN. The construction of the machine is similar to UNI TURN 300/500 model but without a tail stock.
The machine is compact in size, rigid in construction that enables to machine a range of components at high cutting parameters.
As the name implies this CNC Chucker machine can be used for machining a range of cut parts and forgings in the field if automobile, medical equipment, textile and defense.
The manufacturing cost of the component is very less in comparison to machining of parts on a normal CNC Lathe because of low investment cost and low space requirement.